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Reuse is better than recycling.

Recycling has become second nature to modern communities as we strive for environmental sustainability. 
Many constructors and demolishers adopted new methods of recycling building waste to keep up with the times and save on expensive tipping fees. 
At Metropolitan Demolitions, recycling and reuse was the only way to go from day one, and that’s forty years ago. 
Metropolitan Demolitions’ four directors, Paul, Chris, Emmanuel and , who originally hail from a small fishing island on the Aegean Sea called Kalymnos, worked extremely hard to build the company into what it is today, and from very early on promoted recycling through its reuse policy.  And over that time very little material has been thrown away.
Today, they have taken the recycling of masonry waste to very high standards, which is processed in their state of the art recycling centre in St Peter’s, Sydney.
Aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, we can find new life in everything, from bottles and boxes, to clothes, vehicles and building materials.
But the recycling process still requires energy. Lots if it. A massive crusher to crush the bricks and concrete will chew lots of diesel or electric power. But  what if we reuse the bricks? Less energy, better for the environment. 
Reuse, or to borrow from today’s trendy vernacular, upcycling is a process that transforms a disused or ineffective item or material into something that can be used for the same or entirely different purpose. Sometimes, other than some cleaning, nothing changes but the item’s use.
The innovative people at Metropolitan Demolitions have now set a new target: to perfect their reuse centre in St. Peter’s.  So an old connoisseur of the reuse industry, and a friend of the directors Harry Tsoukalas, is joining the team at St Peters to share his skills and expertise in the old yard.  And together with two of the founders Paul and Emmanuel and of course the new generation of the Giannikouris family, including Managing Director Nick, along with Michael and the rest of the metropolitan family, they will be taking the meaning of reuse to new heights. 
It’s going to be an interesting trip since they only have six months to prove that this can work, so it has only one road to follow, like everything in the Metropolitan family… the road to SUCCESS
And this will be dependent on you. 
The builder who will reuse a steel beam, the farmer with a steel tank. You, the home-owner who wants a real floor at your restoration from real solid hardwood timbers. Or the table from the old Oregon wood beams. 
How about some great machinery at a fraction of the cost?
Perhaps you have a good idea for the reuse of the Sydney monorail carriages or its components?
Whatever it is, we will do it together. 

You have the ideas and the need? 
We will supply it.